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Why Does My Cat Hate Drinking Water?

As much as you know how much your cat hates having a bath, you might not know why your kitty pie hates water.

It is not uncommon for cats to not like water; they could have their reasons for choosing not to drink. However, knowing why your kitty needs to drink enough water can help avoid various health issues infosportsworld.

If they aren’t hydrated enough, the biochemical processes can slow down, and its immediate impact on health can be felt when your furball feels tired, lethargic, dehydrated, difficult to pass stools, develops renal issues, and much more.

Encourage your pet to drink plenty of fresh water and consider being equipped with cat insurance simultaneously. The best pet insurance covers a frisky feline for broader-ranging health conditions, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn some common reasons why a cat might not like to drink water.

Negative associations

Have you ever sprayed water on your cat as a punishment for unacceptable behaviors? Has your cat had a bad experience related to water, like dealing with rain storms in the past? Have you forcefully bathed your furball anytime? If your furball was a part of any of the above situations, then it is likely that it hates water thebirdsworld.

Wild cats hardly drank water

One another reason for domestic cats to dislike water could be that their ancestors lived in the wild, drank very little water, and often obtained the element from their kill. It could be that your cat’s genetics are responsible for drinking very less water.

Tap water can have odors

Feline fur babies can find tap water unappealing. The odors can be different, unnatural, and unfamiliar. In such a case, a cat might prefer drinking from water in a puddle, rainwater, or other natural sources. The earthy smell and minerals can provide it with the satisfaction of quenching its thirst.

Weighs the cat down

A cat’s coat can be resistant to water; bathing it will wet the fur and make it feel heavier than before. As the additional weight drags a cat down, it can feel less powerful, less agile, and more vulnerable to threats. Also, the wetness can make a cat feel uncomfortable at the same time.

Some cats hate water, and others might just love taking a dip to cool themselves off on sweltering days or in summer. At the same time, some cat breeds try to stay away from water as much as possible, and others may want to drink as much as they can.

Big cats can avoid huge water bodies because of scary creatures that can be present in them. Going for a drink can be equal to putting their lives at risk, which is why they may keep away from vast water sources.

While some cats love to play with water such as drops trickling down taps or faucets or running amidst water sprinklers for fun, a tub of water or a swimming pool can be overwhelming. Every cat is an individual, so learn how to appeal to your cat so it drinks sufficient water.

Simultaneously, consider being prepared with cat insurance so you are more prepared to handle health emergencies resulting from a lack of drinking water and other issues. The best pet insurance assures comprehensive health care up to the benefit limit, so why not contemplate purchasing a policy?

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